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WordPress Web Developer

Graduate of the Web Development programme at Griffith College, Dublin & former lead developer at Inspiration, Dún Laoghaire. Available to assist small businesses with new website projects and design agencies or freelancers bringing original concepts to reality.

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Announcing the launch of BluPress - the name under which I'm now trading in a freelance capacity. Details to follow.

Bespoke Pixel-Perfect Development

I develop unique WordPress themes for unique clients. I believe in content-driven development - designing and shaping a website around its likely end-content as opposed to compromising content so it fits into an idyllic but rigid ready-made solution.

I particularly enjoy creating from prototypes provided by UX Designers that have emerged from extensive collaboration with the client. This allows me to work under the bonnet and get creative with PHP, HTML, SASS/CSS & JavaScript.

Please check out the examples below. Each began as a blank canvas, experienced numerous iterations and evolved into a client signed-off prototype. In turn, the prototype became my blueprint for a tailor-made WordPress theme build, ultimately leading to a live website that is faithful to the collective vision of both UX Design team and client.

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E-Commerce Solutions

I am experienced and proficient in both configuring and customising WooCommerce, the popular WordPress platform for direct online selling. I have recently developed and launched the two complex bespoke e-commerce websites below - in partnership with Inspiration Marketing.

These involved unique solutions such as geo-restricting transactions to a particular currency and an advanced three-tier shipping rate system. Numerous tailor-made plugins were also required. These provide means to sync stock levels with an external stockroom system to account for offline sales, relay package tracking details to customers, calculate loyalty points earned on online purchases and quickly automate scheduled category-wide sales.

Current Availability

I am now freelancing under the name BluPress. I offer compeitive rates and am open for business!

Are you ...

a small business looking for a non-generic website?

I can develop your unique WordPress website to tie in aestectically with existing print material - such as a company brochure - or build wholly from unique blueprints provided by your own internal design department or a graphic-savvy staff member.

an agency providing tailor-made WordPress solutions for your clients?

Perhaps we could talk. This could be a one-off outsourcing of a project that you are currently under-resourced to manage in-house or a longer-term support relationship. It might also be a period of technical support for your existing websites.

a freelance UX Designer looking to collaborate?

You have beautiful graphical concepts for websites but do your prototypes always evolve into the websites you'd envisioned? If not, this could be due to the developer employing an inflexible pre-built theme. There will be times when this will work perfectly fine, but others when there simply isn't room for compromise. That's when a bespoke theme may prove a better solution.

a community group, club or charity?

I believe in a connected and compassionate society. I can provide bespoke web development services at reduced rates; I want give back a bit, too! Simply get in touch and we can work something out.

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WordPress Themes

The projects below were designed and developed in WordPress - a platform I only began exploring once I had gained experience creating hand-coded websites. The themes are original concepts and wholly self-developed. This experience has helped nurture an extensive familiarity with the WordPress PHP template hierarchy.

Later, as part of the team at Inspiration Digital Marketing in Dún Laoghaire (2017-2020), I worked as lead WordPress developer on numerous bespoke-build projects including:


Before all of the above, I worked on the following projects - as well as this particular website. These are wholly my own concepts and have been predominantly hand-coded without frameworks, themes or content management systems. They each sprang, directly or indirectly, from my studies at Griffith and, while they have evolved into real world commercial entities, the work was carried out without financial renumeration.

The reward, instead, was the chance to garner real world application and exposure. I remain grateful to each client for being courageous enough to trust an eager cadet with their websites and providing such invaluable opportunities to hone my craft.

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Vibration Therapies, Dublin & Sligo, Ireland (January 2018)

Vibration Therpies ( website

Description to follow.

WordPress Bespoke Theme ✔  
Dashboard with Advanced Custom Fields ✔  
HTML Validation ✔  
Integrated Bespoke Blog ✔

The Graphical Thread, Melbourne, Australia (September 2017)

The Graphical Thread website

This was my first venture into WordPress. The client, a Melbourne-based 3d visualisation studio, required a website that was extremely visual - one that would allow their superb graphical work to do the talking. Following many bouts of brainstorming and early homepage drafts, the client provided PhotoShop wireframes of their website vision. The bespoke theme that emerged, grew from a complete blank slate. It was the perfect project for getting to grips with WordPress's PHP template hierarchy. With a large emphasis on SEO, the new website has climbed several ranking pages to its current position in the top three for "3d Visualisation Melbourne".

WordPress Bespoke Theme ✔  
Dashboard with Advanced Custom Fields ✔  
HTML Validation ✔  
SEO Feedback ✔  
Integrated Bespoke Blog ✔

The Dingle Gate Hostel, Co. Kerry (March 2017)

The Dingle Gate Hostel website

This website was my most challenging to date but represents my most sophisticated work. The original site (created some time ago by another developer) was informative, but somewhat dated. It was also static and non mobile-responsive. This project began life as a major college assignment, but morphed into my first three-tier architecture commercial venture - of which I effectively remain the web master. No third party content management system or frameworks were used and the large MySQL database was designed and built from scratch. In fact, everything from the logo design to the room and blog management system was self-created and hand-coded. Much of the photographic content is my own and, unlike previous projects, large portions of the textual content were also self-generated. A primary feature of this website is its custom-built content management system, allowing the client to fully manage the textual and graphical components on each and every page. The website has been launched, but work is ongoing. A full customer login and booking facility is planned for the next tourist season.

HTML Validation ✔  
Domain Transfer ✔  
Hosting Setup ✔  
CPanel Management ✔  
Graphical Content Creation ✔  
Textual Content Creation ✔  
Room & Booking System ✔  
Blog Administration ✔  
Content Management System ✔  
SEO Feedback ✔

GKA Architects, Melbourne, Australia (April 2016)

GKA Architects website

My first commercial venture - for a prominent architectural firm in Northcote, Victoria, Australia - was something of a baptism of fire. It was carried out in tandem with (but not related to) my initial studies in HTML and CSS at Griffith College. Given the nature of the client's industry, the brief featured an overriding emphasis on the site's large-screen desktop appearance. One very challenging aspect in particular was fulfilling the client's unconventional requirement that menu items be located at the top and bottom of each of the three image windows on the home page. The client also requested that blubs in each section drop-down or up from these menu items on rollover. This resulted in my having to find many novel solutions in order for the website to function on smaller screens and represented my first serious foray into media queries. The website launched in spring 2016 and has been maintained since. The client continues to be provided with SEO analytics and feedback.

HTML Validation ✔  
CPanel Management ✔  
Graphical Content Refinement ✔  
SEO Feedback ✔
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Skills Conversion

Until a few years ago, I would have stated English Language Teacher in any situation requiring a declaration of occupation; now, though, I am definitively a Web Developer, having completed an intensive Level 8 Springboard course at Griffith College. I achieved First Class Honours (1:1) for the academic stage and have put my burgeoning skills in HTML5, CSS, PHP and MySQL to extensive practice, privately launching four live websites to date.

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Technology & Me

I have an intense curiosity about our relationship with technology and have read books by Andrew Keen, Dr Mary Aiken and Cal Newport on the subject. While neither a technophile nor a technophobe, I believe innovation only truly transcends when it compliments and enriches our humanity - essentially, allowing us to 'be human better'. This is exactly what the Internet and the Web can and should do.

Just Me

I'm a Dubliner, but have spent a fair chunk of my adult life in Sligo, truly the land of heart's desire. Despite my recent career reboot, I retain a strong interest in language and education and my life experiences in these fields have greatly shaped my character. When I'm not sharpening my coding skills, I while away at the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield and enjoy trekking the trails of this fair isle; my eyes were made for film but my feet were unmistakably made for walking! I enjoy learning about other cultures and have lived in France, Korea and Taiwan. My absolute favourite smell is that of strong brewing coffee.

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Curriculum Vitae

Download my CV as a pdf

Personal Details


Conor Brendan Doyle


29 Castleknock Elms

Laurel Lodge

Dublin 15


+353 (0)85-2265425

Date of Birth:

17 December, 1975

Place of Birth:




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Third Level Educational Background

Griffith College Dublin (2016-2017)
Higher Diploma in Computer Science (Web Development)
(Academic Stage 1:1 - Pending completion of work placement stage)

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University College Dublin (2013-2015)
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
(1:1 – First Class Honours)

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Institute of Technology, Sligo (1994-1997 & 1998-1999)
Bachelor of Business Studies - Marketing & French (2:1 - 1999)
National Diploma in European Business with French (Distinction - 1997)
(One semester spent at l’Institut Universitaire de Technologie, Tourcoing, France (1996))

I.T. Industry Professional Experience

November 2017 – January 2020:

  Inspiration Digital Marketing

98 Patrick Street, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

development of new WordPress websites websites (pixel perfect from PhotoShop mockups) ✔
responsible for all post-design development – PHP, MySQL, HTML & CSS (SASS) ✔
build bespoke dashboard to facilitate client content management (Advanced Custom Fields & PHP) ✔
on-site client training ✔
maintenance of existing websites within client portfolio ✔

July 2015 – November 2017:
Freelance web developer

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January 2000 – January 2005 & April 2008 – June 2008:

  Transware Inc. (now Welocalize)

Unit 4, Abbeyville Centre, Cranmore Road, Sligo /
Block A, Cherrywood Business Park, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18

multi-media localizer (localization of IT software) ✔
testing & QA ✔
lead trainer to new staff ✔
responsible for departmental ISO instructional documentation ✔
editor of online employee magazine ✔

Skills & Achievements

2017: Achieved 'A' grades in UI Design, PHP, Relational Databases & six other modules following completion of Level 8 Springboard course in Web Development ✔

2016: Proficiency in HTML5 and CSS ✔

2015: Successfully completed minor thesis (15,000 words) on native-speakerism within the English Language Teaching industry of South Korea ✔

2011: Constructed instructional admin procedures website for all international staff members at Gyeongju University in South Korea ✔

2009: Awarded Saxoncourt Young Learner Teacher Training certificate (30 hours) ✔

2008: Awarded ACELS CELT TEFL certificate (120 hours) ✔

2007: Successfully completed term living in another cultural environment ✔

2004: Awarded the Phoenix TEFL certificate (3 days) ✔

2004: President’s Silver Medal Award for innovation – Transware Inc. ✔

2002: Annual teamwork award – Transware Inc. ✔

1999: French Embassy in Ireland award for highest result in French - I.T., Sligo ✔

1997: Governing Body medal (Course student of the year) - I.T., Sligo ✔

1994: Course student of the year - Plunket College ✔

TESOL Industry Professional Experience

July 2012 – August 2012:

  Centre Of English Studies

Mercy College Campus, St Brendan’s Drive, Dublin 5

English instructor ✔
curriculum developer ✔

March 2010 – February 2012:

  Gyeongju University

Taejong-Ro 188, Seondo-dong, Gyeongju City, Korea

English instructor ✔
curriculum developer ✔
lead admin trainer to new international staff ✔

January 2009 – January 2010:

  Shane English School

Fuxing Road, Jhong-He, Taipei County, Taiwan

English teacher (to both kids and adults) ✔
curriculum developer ✔

May 2005 – December 2007:

  GnB English Academy

260-30 (2F), YeomPo-Dong, Buk-gu, Ulsan, Korea

English teacher (to both kids and adults) ✔
curriculum developer ✔

October 1997 – May 1998:

  Collège Marcel Pierrel

13 avenue des Martyrs de la Résistance, 48100 Marvejols, France

assistant English teacher (to teens) ✔

Hobbies & Interests

International cinema: Member of the Irish Film Institute since 2002 and the Sligo Film Society in 2002-3.

Listening to music: Most genres, but especially electronica, world and jazz.

Writing: Film and music reviews and poetry.

Irish and World History: Reading history books and watching TV documentaries.

Sports: Jogging, hill-walking & soccer.


Cathy McGovern
Business Owner
Inspiration Digital Marketing
98 Patrick Street,
Dún Laoughaire, Co. Dublin,

Karol Moran
Solutions Engineer
Welocalize (formerly Transware)
Blk A, Cherrywood Bus Pk,
Loughlinstown, Dublin 18,

Dr. Goodith White
Director of the Applied Languages Centre (2013-15)
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4,

Contact details provided on request

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Let's Collaborate

I'm working on a project questionnaire right now. It will be available in due course. For now, simply drop me a line by completing the form above and we can take it from there.